Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Is Your Availability???

When you're applying for a job, one of the first questions you're asked is: "What is your availability" Your employer wants to know when you're available so that he can make a scheudule out based on that availabiliy. Once the schedule has been made..your supervisor only expects you to work on the days/times that you said you were available.

There is a song entitled: "Lord I'm Available To You" It's a beautiful song and I sing it from the depth of my soul!
But what does it really mean to be available to God? Available means to be obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service; Are you accessible to God? Can he reach you? Is your heart and mind tuned in to his voice. Are you ready and willing to go where he tells you to go and do what he ask you to do?

When you are available to God, you don't have an agenda. His will becomes your will and any plans that you've made can be easily broken. Being available in "The Kingdom" is different than being "Available" in "The World." In the world, you have a choice; You tell your supervisor what your availability is and your supervisor works around that schedule. Not So in "The Kingdom. When you tell God that you are available to's like being on call 24hrs a day, for the rest of your life.
God does not work around your schedule, he doesn't ask what days you can work, or when you think you'll be free. When you are available to him, you are ready any time that he calls.

Some may say "That's too much" 24/7 for the rest of your life? Unthinkable! But I say, when you understand that you were created to give him Glory,& that it's not about you anyway. You will say: Lord, Let Your Kingdom Come...Let Your Will Be Done- I AM AVAILABLE To You!

What is your availability?

Be Blessed Today

Alecia (AKA-Destahnee)